Benin, Africa

Benin, Africa

Thursday, March 9, 2017

January 9, 2017 From Elder Harris

Gavin can't get his email out because the recipient list is too long!  Here it is :) 

I learned a lot of good lessons this week! But sadly, i didnt get to teach a whole bunch of them.. My new companion is so great! Elder Ouizan Bi is from the Ivory Coast. He has been out for 16 months, and loves to work hard! Usually.. Sadly, this week was not one of those weeks where he wanted to work a ton..But we still did teach, and our lessons went really well! Its nice to get a new companion, because you get to see different styles of teaching. And his style of teaching, is not talking a lot.. So, that means i get to practice my french more! We have 3 people commited for baptism this month, and i pray that they will all follow through! 

Last week i had a very different experience with a surgrey that i hasd to get.. I had a small infection, and it had to be taken out. But, its doing better now! I almost always keep it wrapped us, with lotion or something on it to keep it wet. One day i left it dry, and couldnt move it fast, and basically couldnt move it at all.. I was actually really scared that the stitches would rip if i kept moving it, so i didnt.. But its doing better, so hopefully it can blow over soon.

One of my best experiences this week happened on wednesday. We had a ton of random trashy and pointless things in the apartment. So we got a huge pile of usless things and threw it away! Here, we just put all of our garbage infront of our apartment, and there are people who get paid to come picl it up. So we threw everything away, and didtn think much of it. As we left to go to a couple of lessons, a man was digging through it! As we walked past him, all he could say was Thank you! Wekk, we came back about 5 hours later, and he was still going through it!! He had set aside a huge pile of things that he was going to take home with him.We helped him carry it to his house, and he thanked us like 200 times. But he showed up at our door the next morning. We didnt know, but he had found a ton of brochures in the garbage! He read all of them, and wanted to know more. Now, Sylvestry is our newest investigator, and he is so ready for the gospel! The Lord works in very strange ways sometimes. But I am glad that this man is finding happiness in our message! 

I wanted to share a chapter that i read this week. Moroni 7 is an absolute life changer!! It talks about Faith, Love, and Charity. It also lists many other christlike attributes. Actually, it was so good that i spend 2-3 hours reading and marking it!! If anyone who is reading this has time, read it please. And look for the attributes that are listed in it. Try and live one of those things better every day, and i promise that your life will get so much easier and better. 

I love you all so much, and love serving the Lord ! 

Elder Harris 

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