Benin, Africa

Benin, Africa

Friday, August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016 First Week on the Mish!

Hello Everyone (: Well, this week has been a real eye opener so far. When we first arrived, we got our books, and was showed around really quick, and then we dropped my stuff off in my room, and then i got right into a classroom! So about 20 minutes to my mission, i was learning french! So that was very overwhelming.. but good! After that i got to meet my companion, and i will tell you about him later.. But it was nice coming into the MTC Because everyone was really really nice to me cause they knew that it was my first day, but i quickly realized that they were really just kinda harassing me with niceness... so that was a little weird for the first day! But i cant wait for next week to harass all the newbies! Anyway, on the first day we got to speak to some non members who came, and that was interesting because the big lesson that i learned that day is that nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.. that was a huge lesson for me mostly because you cant just shove the gospel into somebody's face! You have to Truly get to know, and love them before any of that can happen. 

My companion..Elder Slade, i dont know how to describe him.. He's a very nice guy from PG, and has a really great spitit and understanding of the gospel. The only problems ive noticed so far, is that he doesnt let me talk that much ..its hard because i have so much to say too, but he never lets me get a word in.. second thing that ive noticed, is he is realllyyy sslloowww.. in eevveerryytthhiinngg.. things that we do together take way too long, and its really stressing me out, because we already have a million things to do, and he still just takes his sweet sweet time.. So! We will work on things (: 

The MTC is seriously so hard.. on the first morning, elder Baker (One of the Elders were rooming with) set his alarm for everyone for 6:30, so we woke up showered, and got back into the room, and some to realize that he had accidentally set his alarm wrong and it was 3:30 in the morning!!! we just thought we were all super tired, and weren't bothered that we woke up at 3.. so that was a great thing to happen on the first day! 

Mostly the second day, we just studied french allllll day, and guess how much i know? ya. none.. but its okay! i have lots of great books, and a whole bunch of great guys in my district! So it will all be okay with the lord on our side! i think i have prayed about 1.237 million times since i have been here, mostly about the gift of tongues cause that is by far the hardest thing here for me.. 

The second night, we had a sort of "Tie Draft" and all these elders wore theyre coolest ties, and everyone voted. Anyway, i made it into the playoffs, and lost in the semi-finals! To some elder who had a freaking wooden tie!!! I want a wooden tie mom!  but that was a blast! A few elders ive met up with so far, are elder Rocky Bunker, Brady Christensen, Kaiden MCqean, and Riley Stanford! So thats been nice seeing some friends! 

Funny story, on all of the bathroom stalls, there's a scripture written on the stall! The scripture is Jermiah 4: 19-21.. Please read it because its just kind of a missionary joke(; haha 

Well, I dont have too much more to write, but i truly think that this is the hardest thing i have ever done in my entire life.. But im going to fight through the hard language, and the hard companion, and all of the tears, and just remember that this is for the lord and this is by far the best place of me.. At least the MTC Food is really really good! not Mcdonalds good.. but good!(: 

I love you all! I would love to get emails, and if not i hope you enjoy mine! The church is true, and i cant wait to learn all about it! 

- Elder Harris